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Do liquid videos work on mobile?
There are some UX improvements to be made, but yes, liquid videos should be fully functional on mobile. Check the Mobile section of the Guide for tips on making sure your videos are mobile-friendly.
Can liquid videos be uploaded to YouTube/Twitter/etc.?
No, you will have to host them yourself. But you can easily make an MP4 recording of a Liqvid project and upload that to social media for discoverability, and then provide a link to the interactive version.
How does Liqvid compare to Remotion?

Overall, Liqvid is mainly focused on in-browser interactive videos, especially educational content/tutorials, while Remotion is more focused on generating static mp4's programmatically. That said, Liqvid has a render command for generating static videos, and Remotion has the @remotion/player package for in-browser videos.

Things Remotion has that Liqvid doesn't:

Things Liqvid has that Remotion doesn't:

  • plugin suite for recording audio voiceover, cursor motion, coding, and handwriting [2]
  • customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • thumbnail previews on the scrubber bar
  • closed captions
  • use the Web Animations API in videos
  • MIT license


  1. Liqvid videos are embedded via <iframe>s, like YouTube videos. Putting a player directly in a page will be possible in v2.2.
  2. The next iteration of Liqvid recording plugins will be compatible with Remotion, as well as GSAP and plain HTML. (I really really really really want to avoid a standards war in the interactive video space.)