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Some helpers for converting between screen and SVG coordinate systems.

// access like this (preferred)
import {screenToSVG} from "@liqvid/utils/svg";

// or like this (legacy)
import {Utils} from "liqvid";
const {screenToSVG} = Utils.svg;


Convert screen coordinates to SVG coordinates. Takes the following arguments:

  • elt: SVGElement
    SVG Element

  • x: number
    Screen x coordinate

  • y: number
    Screen y coordinate

Returns [x, y] in SVG coordinates.

screenToSVG(elt: SVGElement, x: number, y: number): [number, number]


Convert screen vector coordinates to SVG vector coordinates. Takes one argument with the following properties:

  • elt: SVGSVGElement
    SVG Element

  • dx: number
    Relative screen x coordinate

  • dy: number
    Relative screen y coordinate

Returns [dx, dy] in SVG coordinates.

screenToSVGVector(svg: SVGSVGElement, dx: number, dy: number): [number, number]