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rp-master 1.0

Yuri Sulyma

Yuri Sulyma

Mathematician & web developer

I'm delighted to announce the rp-master package, which brings two very exciting features: automatic rendering of traditional videos, and much easier thumbnail generation.

Static video export#

One of the downsides of ractives is that you can't upload them to YouTube/Twitter/etc. It's now easy to render your ractive to a traditional mp4/webm file:

npx rp-master render -a ./audio/audio.mp4 http://localhost:8080 out.mp4

You can then upload that to social media sites for discoverability, while providing a link to the interactive version on your own site. This feature is, of course, inspired by Remotion. Sometime soon I will launch a YouTube channel for the Epiplexis videos.


Thumbnail generation#

Previously, generating thumbnail previews for the scrubber bar was a very convoluted process: you had to install a Chrome extension and configure it weirdly and activate it in an awkward way and not touch your computer for a few minutes while it did its thing. Now it's as easy as

npx rp-master thumbs http://localhost:8080